How to Tell That a Tree Is Dangerous

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A time comes when you need to cut a tree. Cutting a tree will help you to protect your home and also the people around. Unlike popular belief, cutting a tree is not as easy as it seems. You might need to get the services of a tree removal company.

The best thing with Braddocks Tree Service is the fact that they will first do a tree inspection. The tree inspection is meant to assess the condition of the tree to make sure that it is safe and necessary to cut the tree. Here are signs that a tree near your premises might be dangerous:

The Tree Is Very Near the House

treeIf you notice that the tree is very near the home, it is time to cut it. A tree that is located very near the home might cause damage to the home. Most of the time the tree affects the integrity of the house foundation.

The leaves might also cause damage to the roof. When the leaves keep falling on the roof, they start rotting, and this causes damage to the ceiling. To keep your home safe, you need to cut any tree that is located too near the house.

The Tree Is Abnormally Tall

An abnormally tall tree is not always a good idea. You need to make sure that you cut it while you still have the time. If you do not carry that try, it might be too late when you finally decide to cut it down.

Very tall trees are likely to cause accidents and the earlier you cut them down, the better it is for you. You need to cut down tall trees near the home or in high traffic areas.

Tree Bending on One Side

Once you start noticing that the tree is bending on one side, take time and remove it. Leaning on one side is usually a sign that the tree is about to fall.

The best action to take at this time is to cut before it accidentally falls. With a professional tree company, it will be possible to remove the tree without causing any damage.

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Tree Diseases

If you are not a tree expert, it might be challenging to identify tree diseases. However, some of the signs of tree diseases include weak roots and mold on the bark.

If you suspect any tree diseases, the first step might be to call a tree expert. The tree expert will first inspect the condition of the tree and make some recommendations on how to treat it.