About Holland Focus

We are a bi-monthly online magazine, primarily targeting the 1st and 2nd generation Dutch and Flemish and their descendents.
Secondarily, our targeted readership exists of people in the wider community such as:

  • people generally interested in the Dutch society, art and culture, traditions, history and language,
  • visitors (backpackers/holiday makers) from the Netherlands and Flanders,
  • local people wishing to travel to the Netherlands and Flanders and looking for information about places of interest.

Articles are mainly printed in English, but occasionally Dutch language articles are published as written by the author.

Our first edition came out in May/June 2006 in hard-copy. We stopped printing the magazine with the May-June 2015 edition. Since then we are only publishing the magazine online for everybody to read.


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Colouring PictureSpeciaal voor de Troonswisseling.
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