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Holland Focus - May-June 2006 (Vol 1 No 1)
cover1_1The oldest jam Factory in the Betuwe
In 1888 Arie Geurts bought a farmhouse among the fruit orchards and started delivering fresh fruit to individuals and fruit companies in the area. The demand for jams and other fruit products prompted him to start his own factory: "Geurts Conserven".

The Japanese Raid on Broome
On May 4, The Netherlands commemorate those that lost their lives in WWII. Australia has similar commemorations 2 weeks earlier on ANZAC Day.
There is however a shared chapter in the Australian and Dutch (war) history: the Japanese raid on 3 March 1942, when 50 Dutch people lost their lives.

Mediaeval Appingedam
Appingedam and water have been inseparable for centuries. It is build approximately 1000 years aga on the banks of the Damsterdiep , a little river in the north of the province Groningen.

Guus Hiddink: most successful football coach ever
Our Dutch correspondent Chris Lampe attended the last press conference with Guus Hiddink as coach for PSV.

Dutch painter José Heerkens - Fundamental influences in art: Australian Space

in 1992 Dutch painter José Heerkens travelled with her husband and two children through Australia for 6 months. The impressions obtained from that period formed the basis for many of her paintings.

Kangaroo Living in the Netherlands

The elderly and other groups in need of care are in danger of being deprived of specific care in humanitarian and medical fields. Children no longer live near their next of kin. Parents do not want to be a burden to their children. Social safety nets developed some decades ago are deteriorating severely by fast social changes.
In response to these developments a phenomenon has developed called "Kangaroo Living" that could mean a turning point in the care for the elderly.

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