HF - Mar-Apr 2009 (Vol 4 No 2)

Holland Focus Ma-Apr 2009KAASkoppen
A glance at the current Netherlands - new column by Yolanda Edens  discussing actual affairs that keep the Nederlanders busy.

Verbeeldingen van Ambachten
Our regular column by Frans Hertoghs analysing the poems and drawings by Jan Luyken (or Luiken).
Luyken lived in the second half of the "Golden Century" (17th century) and his work shows us the daily life of his time.
In this edition we look at "De Wolbereiderr" (de wolwerker / the wool worker).

Frans Hertoghs' regular contributions (in Dutch) about public affairs in New Zealand. In this edition, Frans observes the historical facts behind New Zealand's national holiday: Waitangi Day (Treaty of Waitangi established British sovereignty over New Zealand) on 6 February.

crookeA comic strip story, created and illustrated by Edo Fuijkschot.
Follow the adventures of Dutch conman Frank Crooke when he staggers from the wreckage of HMS Descent on to the remote west coast of Australia 200 years ago.



How Porphyria was spread by the VOC across the world
Thomas Vanderveldt, president of the VOC Historical Society Inc, takes you through the facts and events that indicate Dutch settlement and interaction with the local Indigenous people in Kalbarri, WA, in 1712, bringing with them the genetic disorder identified as Porphyria Variegata. 

Dutch/Flemish cinema
Regular column by Darren Arnold, reviewing films with a Dutch or Flemish connection.
In this issue the movie Loft is being reviewed.

Dutch institute for Vision and Sound
Jan Weijdt spend a day at the Beeld en Geluid institute: a multimedia collection of films, music and Dutch radio and television archives from 1934 up to now.


Besides our ‘regulars’ (Marcia, Pim, Taals Taaltje, Who's Who, Book Reviews, etc.), this issue is packed with many other interesting articles such as: the new Dutch Embassy building in Canberra, Dutch yachts in the Sydney to Hobart race, community news, etc. etc.

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