HF - Mar-Apr 2010 (Vol 5 No 2)

Holland Focus Mar-Apr 2010Bambu's final reunion
The final and most successful Indische kampulan took place in Brisbane with special performing guests Wieteke van Dort and ('true troubadour') Wouter Muller.

An interview with Wieteke can also be found in this edition.

Kaas Koppen
A glance at the current Netherlands by Yolanda Edens: The increasing violence against community aid workers and, on a completely different note, the problems and chaos caused by Mother Nature during this winter season and how the country must cope with these situations.

Verbeeldingen van Ambachten
Our regular column by Frans Hertoghs analysing the poems and drawings by Jan Luyken (or Luiken).
Luyken lived in the second half of the "Golden Century" (17th century) and his work shows us the daily life of his time.
In this edition we look at "De Beeldhouwer" (the sculptor).

Frans Hertoghs' regular contributions (in Dutch) about public affairs in New Zealand. In this edition, the ups and downs of the wine industry in New Zealand.

Taals Taaltje
Regular contribution from Frans Hertoghs. Frans looks at the origin and meaning of the word 'dutch'.

Southern triangle of scenic towns
Another look at the southern part of the Netherlands, Brabant, by Jan Weijdt, This time Jan takes us to the towns of Breda, Tilburg and Vugt and shares with you the history and beauty of this area. 

Who's Who
In each issue of Holland Focus Chris Lampe gives a description of a famous Dutch person. In this issue, however, Chris describes a statue not linked to a person but erected in honour to the local fish industry. Readers who know the answer are invited to send it in to go into a prize draw.This issue's prize is the book "Adieu Nederlan" in Dutch by Ingeborg Wind.

Dutch/Flemish cinema
Regular column by Darren Arnold, reviewing films with a Dutch or Flemish connection.
In this issue the movie De laatste dagen van Emma Blank from filmmaker Alex van Warmerdam.

Besides our ‘regulars’ (Marcia, Jacob, Pim, Edo, Johan, Erik), this issue is packed with many other interesting articles such as: Book Reviews, Community news, Crossword, Dutch Cuisine, etc. etc.

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