HF - May-Jun 2013 (Vol 8 No 3)

Holland Focus May-Jun 2013


The Royal Stables in The Hague
Renee Veldman-Tentori visited the heritage listed Koninklijke Stallen, operational since 1878. Read this issue of Holland Focus inwhich Renee takes you on a journey behind the scene.

Renovated and returned to the original exubaerant vision of it Dutch creator, Pierre Cuypers. 
In the article, Catriona Black gives you a little taste of this most dramatic transformation, which took 10 years to complete.

The war against Bread
Paola Westbeek writes about the Dutch love affair with bread, which started in 4500 B.C. Today, the Dutch still love their bread, even though it has been a source of heated controversy in recent years about diet and health discussions.

EYE - more than just a film museum
This unusually shaped white building is indeed a true eye-catcher. Our correspondent Ton van Rooij visited EYE and comes to the conclusion that it is much more than just a film museum: film restoration, digitilisation, education, promotion, distribution and research: The stimulation of film culture.

Contribution from Jacob van Splunter. In this issue Jacob visited Cockatoo Island, situated in the Sydney Harbour; used by the Aboriginals of the coast region prior to the arrival of the British colonist.

Bilateral Netherland Russia year
Social, cultural and business relations dating back more than 400 years are celebrated this year in the Netherland and Russia through numerous cultural activities. Birgit Blankers was representing Holland Focus at the opening of one of various exhibitions, "Russian Soul", in the historic town Thorn.

Actual affairs that keep the Nederlanders busy, by Yolanda Edens. In this issue Yolanda's topic is "Bullying" which receives renewed attention in the Netherlands following a few recent youth suicide incidents.

Profiel van ...
Chris Melis, niet zo maar een emigrant, vrijwilliger of klompendanser, oh nee! Geinterviewed door Johan de Rooy.

Verbeeldingen van Ambachten
Regular column by Frans Hertoghs analysing the poems and drawings by Jan Luyken (or Luiken). Luyken lived in the second half of the "Golden Century" (17th century) and his work shows us the daily life of his time.
In this edition we look at "De Kuiper" (cooper).

Taals Taaltje
Regular contribution from Frans Hertoghs about typical Dutch language use and misuse.
In this issue's article titled "Stevig, dik of vet?", there is a lot to explain and learn when you delve into the world of synonyms. And it's fun too!

Kiwikorrels - Weggooien
Frans Hertoghs belicht een actueel onderwerp waar de bevolking van Nieuw Zeeland sterk bij betrokken is. Dit keer de Aluminiumsmelter van Rio Tinto op het schiereiland Tiwai Point. De Engelse tekst versie staat in zijn geheel op onze website; klik hier.

What is What
In each issue of Holland Focus Chris Lampe gives a description of something that is very popular with the Dutch. Readers who know the answer to the question related to this topic are invited to send it in and go into a prize draw. This issues correct answers go in the draw for a ticket to see Karin Bloemen (in Melbourne or Sydney).

Dutch/Flemish cinema
Regular column by Darren Arnold, reviewing films with a Dutch or Flemish connection.
In this issue Darren reviews Möbius, featuring two fine Belgian actresses: Emilie Dequenne and Cecile de France. Directed by Eric Rochant.

What else. . .

Karin Bloemen show in Australia and New Zealand

Geert Wilders: "Why visit Australia" (by Rob van der Wardt) and "Storm in a Tea Cup?" (by Klaas Woldring)

Interviews with . . .

       Marjon van Grunsven, artistic director of Cirque du Soleil 
       Irma van Riemsdijk,
payroll accountant of Cirque du Soleil 

And of course our ‘regular’ contributors (Marcia, Edo's Crooke, Johan, Erik, Henny, Maria, Alieska), this issue is packed again with many other interesting articles, including Book Reviews, Community & Club news, etc. etc.

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