HF - Mar-Apr 2014 (Vol 9 No 2)

Holland Focus Jan-Feb 2014


Contribution from Jacob van Splunter. In this column Jacob raised the issue of the continuous flow of immigrants that most western countries have to deal with. Comparing the Australian approach and that of the Netherlands. He also analysis the change that occurred in the Netherlands during the last decade and the change in tolerance towards immigration policies.

Kaas Koppen
Regular column by Yolanda Edens. This issue, entitled "Utopia", is about the concept the latest reality tv show invented by John de Mol and the manner inwhich these concepts are being interpreted.

Waterloopbos, nature or industrial heritage?
Yolanda Edens digs into the history of a forest full of rusty iron parts, overgrown by moss and partly colapsed walls. 

"Te Bier Gaan" in the Golden Age
This issue is not so much about Paola Westbeek's favourite topic: Dutch food, but more about the Dutch and their beer!

Teaching Rembrandt
by Ray Cavanaugh. This article looks at Rembrandt as a student. In fact, Rembrandt was taught by three Dutch painters. 

TV hit "Toen was geluk heel gewoon" coming to the big screen
Ton van Rooij writes about this tv sitcom of the sixtieth and seventieth last century and the soon to be release film premiere.

Verbeeldingen van Ambachten
Regular column by Frans Hertoghs analysing the poems and drawings by Jan Luyken (or Luiken). Luyken lived in the second half of the "Golden Century" (17th century) and his work shows us the daily life of his time. In this edition we look at "De Wever" (The Weaver).

Taals Taaltje
Regular contribution from Frans Hertoghs about typical Dutch language use and misuse.
This issue's article, titled "Lijsteblijbelg", wat een fauw grapje is over Chinezen die de -R- niet kunnen zeggen en die het vervangen door een -L-. Echter waar het in deze aflevering om gaat is dat de eerste 10 maanden van een mensenleven bepalend zijn voor de herkenning en interpretatie van spraakklanken.

Frans Hertoghs belicht een actueel onderwerp waar de bevolking van Nieuw Zeeland sterk bij betrokken is. In deze aflevering gaat het over de Kea, de enige bergpapagaai ter wereld, en het spoor van vernielzucht dat deze vogels achterlaten.

Engaging the 2nd (and 3rd) Generation
Martien Jansen in de Wall has done a study about the Dutch consciousness with people not born or resident in the Netherlands.

What is What
In each issue of Holland Focus, Chris Lampe gives a description of something that is very popular with the Dutch. Readers who know the answer(s) to the question(s) related to this topic are invited to send it in and go into a prize draw. This issues correct answers go in the draw for the book The Beethoven Obsession by Brendan Ward.

Dutch/Flemish movies
Regular column by Darren Arnold, reviewing films with a Dutch or Flemish connection.
In this issue Darren reviews ABUSE OF WEAKNESS.

What else is in it . . .

Profiel van . . . Meral Anna Nieman (by Johan de Rooy)
Interview with the Damen Family, growers of Quinoa in Tasmania
Review of a new restaurant in the Melbourne CBD: NIEUW AMSTERDAM
Tegevoeter (by Ruud Hisgen)
Uiver royal connections: Alfred Waugh and Jan Moll (by Noel Jackling)

And of course our ‘regular’ contributors (Erik, Johan, Alieska, Paola, Frans), this issue is packed again with many other interesting articles, including Book Reviews, Community & Club news, etc. etc.

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