HF - Jul-Aug 2014 (Vol 9 No 4)

Holland Focus July-August 2014


Letter from the editor

Today, 12 June, when I am writing this editorial, it is 85 years ago that Anne Frank was born. Everyone knows what happened to het and about the diary she wrote from her 13th birthday till she was taken by the Germans. In May this year a play called ANNE started in Amsterdam. You can read all about it in this magazine. The photo on the front-page is of Rosa da Silva as Anne and in the background a photo of Anne Frank.

The play is in Dutch, but the players are recording their texts in English, so English speaking people can watch it as well and listen to the voices through a headset. 

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the ‘Dikke Van Dale’. The Dutch dictionary that everyone knows about and many people use. It will be celebrated by organising an afternoon symposium with readings, columns and a quiz in Antwerp.

Many changes happened in the Dutch language during the time the Van Dale exists: many words added and others abandoned or changed. More about that in a later edition.

Still celebrating the 200 years Kingdom in the Netherlands. As part of this, a book was launched by former Prime Minister Dries van Agt about Royal Dining in the Netherlands -with recipes dating back to the beginning of the Kingdom- again you can read all about it in this magazine.

About 25 years ago, you could not get a decent cup of coffee anywhere in Australia, I always settled for tea when visiting someone. That has changed drastically and a few years ago I found the coffee here better than in the Netherlands, but they are picking up. During my recent visit to the Netherlands excellent coffee was served in all cafes and restaurants. Paola Westbeek writes about her experience with the Dutch coffee.

Many more interesting articles of course, I’ll say: have a look and happy reading.

Selection of other articles in this issue . . .

Nucluar Safety Summit 2014 (by Birgit Blankers)
Wreck of the Zuytdorp (by Henri van Zanden)
Weert celebrates 600th anniversary (by Birgit Blankers)
Royal dining in the Netherlands (by Marianne Visser van Klaarwater)
Outline for an argument for a Vondel Instituut (by Martien Jansen in de Wal)

And last but not least: our regulars such as Kaaskoppen, Dutch/Flemish movie review, Kiwikorrels, Events in the Netherlands, Taals Taaltje, etc. etc.
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