HF - Sep-Oct 2014 (Vol 9 No 5)

Holland Focus Sept-Oct 2014


Letter from the editor

The news of the last few months was dominated by the plane crash in the Ukraine. Many Dutchies in Australia got a shock as it was a flight that most of them had been on at least once. They were not on it but 298 other people were. To the friends and family members of these people this is a terrible reality which will stay with them forever. 
Our thoughts are with them. 

This issue again has a variety of interesting articles, a few about the plane crash and the arriving of the bodies in Eindhoven. 

If you have a Dutch passport, please read the article on page 4 carefully, issuing of passports will change drastically at the end of next year. People are getting older and two Dutch ladies are more than 100 years old. One in New Zealand and one in Australia, they both have fascinating stories to tell. Pim van den Akker is a world famous flower artist and we had the pleasure of meeting him in his workplace and the resulting story is a delight to read. 

I would like to draw your attention to the dinners that will be organised throughout Australia and New Zealand on or near Kings-day 2015, more info on page 31. If you like to be involved please call or email us. It will be exciting.

Enjoy this issue.

Selection of other articles in this issue . . .

Pim van den Akker, artistic decorator extra ordinair
The vibrant life of Sam Waagenaar, from shoesalesman to journalist/photographer
Duncan Meerding, award winning Tasmanian designer in furniture & lighting
The nine lives of Suzanne Visser
De Dikke Van Dale turns 150
What happened to the survivors of the Zuytdorp (by Henry van Zanden)

And last but not least: our regulars such as G'day, Kaaskoppen, Dutch/Flemish movie review, Kiwikorrels, Events in the Netherlands, Taals Taaltje, etc. etc.


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