HF - Jan-Feb 2015 (Vol 10 No 1)

Holland Focus Jan-Feb 2015


Again many interesting articles and information in this edition of Holland Focus.

The first one of our tenth anniversary year, our second lustrum. It is an exciting milestone. We hope to go on for many more years to come and of course, we could not do that without your valuable support. We value your comments and try to provide an attractive magazine. We often get comments about the language, many only want the articles in English, but there are also people who think that everything should be in Dutch. From the beginning we have chosen to place the majority of articles in English, as many partners, children and second generation Dutch cannot read Dutch and they too want to read the articles without having someone to give a short translation of the content. As always it is a dilemma and it is hard to please everyone. 

Cycling is something the Dutch like to do, not just because it keeps you healthy, but also to take you from A to B, as the Netherlands is a compact country where many people live who have to travel to their work. To avoid all the traffic jams, which occur every morning and evening in peak hour, the bike is the best solution. Willem Cosijn, the consul-general of the Netherlands, is determined that Australia will follow the lead and implement Dutch-style bicycles which are better for city use than the racing- and mountain bikes used here. And arrange bike paths, to make it safer for everyone. 

Although crowded, the Netherlands still have many nature reserves. Yolanda tells us all about it.

We all know the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, but do you know the Mauritshuis in The Hague, which has one of the most famous paintings hanging on one of its walls: the girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, as Ton explains, worth to visit when in the Netherlands. 

I will not mention all articles here, but be assured they are all worth reading.


Selection of articles in this issue . . .

Team Orange, the Dutch cycling spirit
The hidden cultural history of the Netherlands
Twee culturen op een kussen
Golden Age art, the reopened Mauritshuis
The humble Kroket
A tourist visits Schiedam
UIVER, restoration project
Natural Gas, drama in the province of Groningen
etc. etc. 

And last but not least: our regulars such as Kaaskoppen, Dutch/Flemish movie review, Kiwikorrels, Events in the Netherlands, Taals Taaltje, etc. etc. 



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