HF - Mar-Apr 2015 (Vol 10 No 2)

Holland Focus Mar-Apr 2015


We had a bit of trouble with one of our computers. Actually, that much trouble that we could not work for a whole week, the reason why you received your magazine later than you are used to. 

At the end of April many of us will celebrate King’s day and dress in the obligatory orange. Check out the different ads in this edition where to celebrate this event. It would be great if you can send in photos of the celebrations in your town. We will place as many as we can in the July/August edition. 

Just email them to

The Hermitage in Amsterdam started an exhibition with huge Golden Age portraits, if you happen to be in the Netherlands it is definitely worth going to. The article Ton van Rooij wrote about this exhibition is a good alternative for most of us who cannot visit Amsterdam. 

Chocomel is one of the things Dutchies miss when abroad. Paola wrote a mouth-watering article about it. It might even make you homesick!

Bridging the Distance, a relatively new project, trying to connect relatives of third generation migrants with their family in the Netherlands. Frank Buchner explains all about it in this issue. 

Pointing out these articles doesn’t mean that you should not read all the other also extremely interesting articles.

So enjoy this edition again!


Selection of other articles in this issue . . .

Anne Frank Travelling Exhibition "Let Me Be Myself"
Age of Wonderland, Innovative ideas to boost sustainable social change
Libelle 80 years
Dutchies at the Australian Open in Melbourne
Remembering Rien Poortvliet
Ooievaars, back from the brink
The Duyfken Chart 1606
Forgotten vegetables, back on the menu

etc. etc. 

And last but not least: our regulars such as Kaaskoppen, Dutch/Flemish movie review, Kiwikorrels, Events in the Netherlands, Taals Taaltje, Tegenvoeter, Leesplank Kids, etc. etc. 



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